/ - agency [short form for Word of Mouth Communications]
1. a boutique consultancy specializing in the areas of public relations, event consultancy and management, marketing strategies, creative conceptualisation, promotional and publicity ideas


/ - verb (used without object)
2. to bring publicity to a brand: Is your brand known to Singaporeans. Have you womcomm yet?


Established in 2002 with dedication and commitment to bring only the best to our clients and media partners.


Additional information:
Word of Mouth's forte is in LIFESTYLE PR - encompassing fashion, jewellery, timepiece, beauty, F&B, travel, automotive clients, among others.

Over the years, Word of Mouth maintains a good rapport with the media through our integrity, responsiveness and acute sense of newsworthiness. We pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve their branding and marketing objectives through tailor-made and strategically-sound PR programmes.



  1. Spin - spin up appropriate angles to interest the media
  2. Speak - speak the "language" of the media
  3. Spread - spread the key messages to the media in an effective and concise manner and, in turn, to the client's target audiences